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23-42-209. Injunction, Mandamus, Or Other Ancillary Relief.

(a) (1) (A) Whenever it appears to the Securities Commissioner, upon sufficient grounds or evidence satisfactory to the commissioner, that any person has engaged or is about to engage in any act or practice constituting a violation of any provision of this chapter, except the provisions of § 23-42-509, or any rule or order under this chapter, including any order issued under § 23-42-509, the commissioner may summarily order the person to cease and desist from the act or practice.

(B) Upon the entry of the order, the commissioner shall promptly notify the person that the order has been entered, of the reasons therefor, and of his or her right to a hearing on the order.


(A) A hearing shall be held on the written request of the person aggrieved by the order if the request is received by the commissioner within thirty (30) days of the date of the entry of the order, or if ordered by the commissioner.

(B) If a hearing is not requested and none is ordered by the commissioner, the order will remain in effect until it is modified or vacated by the commissioner.

(C) After notice and an opportunity for a hearing, the commissioner may:

(i) Affirm, modify, or vacate the cease and desist order under subdivision (a)(1)(A) of this section; and

(ii) For a violation of this chapter other than a violation of § 23-42-509, by order, levy a fine not to exceed:

(a) Ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for each violation or an amount equal to the total amount of money received in connection with each violation; or

(b) If a victim of a violation is sixty-five (65) years of age or older: (1) Twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) for each violation; or (2) Two (2) times the amount of money received in connection with each violation.

(b) (1) The commissioner may apply to the Pulaski County Circuit Court to temporarily or permanently enjoin an act or practice that violates this chapter and to enforce compliance with this chapter or any rule or order under this chapter:

(A) After an order is issued under subdivision (a)(1) or subdivision (a)(2) of this section; or

(B) Without issuing an order under subdivision (a)(1) or subdivision (a)(2) of this section.

(2) Upon a proper showing, a permanent or temporary injunction, restraining order, or writ of mandamus shall be granted.

(3) The court shall not require the commissioner to post a bond.

(4) The commissioner may also obtain upon proper showing any other ancillary relief in the public interest, including without limitation:

(A) The appointment of a receiver, temporary receiver, or conservator;

(B) A declaratory judgment;

(C) An accounting;

(D) Disgorgement of profits;

(E) Restitution; or

(F) The assessment of a fine in an amount of not more than the total amount of money received in connection with a violation of this chapter.

(c) This chapter does not prohibit or restrict the informal disposition of a proceeding or allegations which might give rise to a proceeding by stipulation, settlement, consent, or default, in lieu of a formal or informal hearing on the allegations or in lieu of the sanctions authorized by this section.


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