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Section 8-13-4 License - Bond Required Of Applicant.

Section 8-13-4

License - Bond required of applicant.

(a) Every applicant for a going out of business sale or distress merchandise sale license shall execute and file with the probate judge to whom the application is made a good and sufficient bond in the sum of $2,500 or five percent of the wholesale value of the inventory as set forth in the application, whichever is greater, with two or more sureties thereon, approved by said probate judge or with the surety thereon a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Alabama, which bond in any event shall be approved by said probate judge, payable to the State of Alabama, and shall be conditioned upon faithful observance of all the conditions of this chapter and shall also indemnify any purchaser at such sale who suffers any loss by reason of misrepresentation in said sale.

(b) Such bond shall continue in effect for one year after the termination of the sale for which it is made.

(c) The licensee shall notify the probate judge issuing the license of any action filed as a result of the operation hereby licensed. Any purchaser claiming to have been damaged by misrepresentation in such going out of business sale or distress merchandise sale may maintain an action against the licensee making such misrepresentations and may join as party defendant the surety or sureties on the bond.

(d) If an action is filed by any purchaser or purchasers at a licensed sale within one year after the termination of the sale, the bond shall remain in force and effect until all actions are concluded and the judgment or judgments, if any, paid in full.

(e) In the event the applicant fails to observe all of the provisions of this chapter in conducting such sale for which the bond is given, the bond will be deemed to be forfeited, and any district attorney of the State of Alabama may recover in an action in the circuit court of the county in which the bond was given the amount of the bond from applicant and his sureties for the use and benefit of the State of Alabama.

(Acts 1965, No. 553, p. 1027, §4.)

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