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Section 41-9-661 Powers And Duties Generally.

Section 41-9-661

Powers and duties generally.

(a) It shall be the duty of the commission to devise and put into effect methods by which inter-American understanding and good will may be promoted and inter-American relations advanced without resort to tentative measures or the application of civil or criminal sanctions.

(b) The commission shall have power:

(1) To elect from its members a chairman and such other officers as it may deem desirable; provided, that the first chairman of the commission shall be named by the Governor and shall call the first meeting of the commission and serve as such president until his successor shall be elected by the commission. All officers of the commission shall serve as such only during the pleasure of the commission.

(2) To hold such meetings, at such places within or without the State of Alabama and at such times as the commission may designate.

(3) To conduct such research, investigations and inquiries as may be necessary to inform the commission as to matters concerning inter-American relations.

(4) To appoint committees from its membership and prescribe their duties.

(5) To appoint consultants to the commission.

(6) To make rules and regulations for the government of the commission, its officers and committees and to prescribe the duties of its officers, consultants and employees.

(7) To employ an executive secretary and such other clerical employees as it may think necessary and to fix the pay and compensation of such employees within the limits of funds available to it for such purposes.

(8) To receive, hold and expend any funds granted, donated or given to it. Any funds derived from a gift for a designated purpose shall be used and expended by the commission in accordance with the terms of the gift, but any funds received by the commission which are not limited to specified uses by the donor may be used and expended for the payment of salaries and expenses of the commission and its employees and for any other purpose incident to or which will promote the purposes of this article. Such funds when received by the commission shall be deposited with the State Treasury and shall be placed to the credit of a special account to be known as "the Foreign Trade and Relations Commission of Alabama Fund."

(Acts 1976, No. 682, p. 936, §2.)

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