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Section 41-9-472 Powers And Duties.

Section 41-9-472

Powers and duties.

The commission shall be authorized:

(1) To investigate and select an available site for housing the exhibits, including the surrounding grounds, in cooperation with the community, taking into consideration all pertinent factors affecting the suitability of such site;

(2) To acquire by rent or lease agreement or otherwise the necessary housing facilities; and to establish, improve and enlarge the available facility, including providing it with necessary equipment, furnishings, landscaping and related facilities, including parking areas and ramps, roadways, sewers, curbs, and gutters;

(3) To enter into such contracts and cooperative agreements with local, state and federal governments, with agencies of such governments, with private individuals, corporations, associations and other organizations as the commission may deem necessary or convenient to carry out the purpose of this article, with such contracts and agreements to include leases to private industry;

(4) To borrow money from private sources or such other source as may be acceptable to the commission under such terms and conditions as may be provided by law; and, in order to provide security for the repayment of any such private loans, the commission shall have the authority to pledge such future revenues from admissions and any other sources as from time to time, be necessary or desirable;

(5) To issue and sell, subject to the approval of the Governor, interest-bearing general obligation bonds not in excess of $3,000,000.00 in principal amount, as authorized by constitutional amendment; such bonds shall be general obligations of the State of Alabama, with full faith and credit and taxing power of the state to be pledged to the prompt and faithful payment of the principal of the bonds and the interest thereon. The proceeds from the sale of such bonds shall be used exclusively for the purpose of paying the expenses incurred in the sale and issuance thereof and for the construction, establishment, improvement or enlargement and equipment of building facilities and related grounds including the renewal or replacement of structural parts of such facility, but not including the purchase of the site for such facility;

(6) To issue and sell at any time and from time to time its revenue bonds for the purpose of providing funds to acquire, enlarge, improve, equip and maintain a facility and for the payment of obligations incurred for such purposes. The principal and interest on any such revenue bonds shall be payable solely out of the revenues derived from the project;

(7) To make such contracts in the issuance of its bonds as may seem necessary or desirable to assure their marketability and to provide for their retirement by a pledge of all or any revenue which may come to the commission from the investment of the proceeds of the sale of such bonds or from any other source whatsoever;

(8) To accept public or private gifts, grants and donations;

(9) To acquire property by purchase, lease, gift or license, but not to include the purchase of a site for the facility;

(10) To allocate and expend funds from all donations, income and revenue from any source whatsoever coming into its treasury, for the fulfillment and accomplishment of its duties and responsibilities in such manner as may be necessary and appropriate for the perfection of the purposes of this article;

(11) To sell, convey, transfer, lease or donate any property, franchise, grant, easement, license or lease or interest therein which it may own and to transfer, assign, sell, convey or donate any right, title or interest which it may have in any lease, contract, agreement or license of property;

(12) To employ an executive director and such additional personnel as may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of this article. The executive director and such additional personnel as may be employed by the commission will serve at the pleasure of the commission. The commission shall fix the compensation of the executive director and such additional personnel, and such compensation shall be paid from the funds of the commission. The commission shall designate the duties and authority of the executive director and such additional personnel. The executive director and such additional personnel shall not be subject to the provisions of the state Merit System Act; however, they shall be eligible for participation in the state health insurance plan and benefits as provided in Chapter 29 of Title 36 of this code, and they shall be eligible for participation in the State Employees' Retirement System law governing counties, cities, towns and other quasi-public organizations of the state; and

(13) To make such rules and regulations as the commission may deem necessary and desirable to provide for the operation, management and control of the facility.

(Acts 1975, No. 1137, §3.)

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