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Section 40-7-18 Allocation Of Tax Obligation Between Transferor And Foreign Corporate Transferee Of Property Sold For Certain Purposes.

Section 40-7-18

Allocation of tax obligation between transferor and foreign corporate transferee of property sold for certain purposes.

(a) The public interest lying in the promotion of business and industry in this state, it is the intent of the Legislature and declared to be the policy of the State of Alabama by the passage of this section to promote and encourage industry and business in Alabama and specifically to induce the location within this state of the principal administrative office, principal distribution or manufacturing plant, or principal place of business of foreign corporations engaged in manufacturing, industrial, commercial, business, transportation, utility, public service, and research enterprise. This section shall be liberally construed in conformity with the said intention.

(b) When any real or personal property within this state is sold to, acquired by or transferred to any foreign corporation during any property tax year in connection with locating within this state its principal administrative office, its principal distribution or manufacturing plant, or its principal place of business or in connection with such foreign corporation becoming the successor or assignee of all or a substantial portion of the taxable property within this state of any foreign or domestic corporation theretofore qualified or admitted to engage in or transact business in this state, so much of the property tax upon such property as is properly allocable to that part of such year which ends on the day before the date of such sale, acquisition, or transfer shall be the tax obligation of the person, firm, or corporation selling, disposing, or transferring such property, and so much of such tax as is properly allocable to that part of the year which begins on the date of the sale, acquisition, or transfer shall be the tax obligation of such foreign corporation; provided, that nothing contained in this section shall relieve the property of any tax lien that may have attached to such property prior to such date for all periods of time prior thereto.

(Acts 1967, Ex. Sess., No. 168, p. 214.)

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