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Section 34-27c-3 Powers Of The Board.

Section 34-27C-3

Powers of the board.

(a) The board shall have the following powers:

(1) In accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, to promulgate rules not in conflict with the laws of this state which are reasonable, proper, and necessary to carry out the functions of the board in the regulation of persons engaged in providing security officers within this state. Any interested person may petition the board to adopt, amend, or repeal any rule and the board shall prescribe by rule any necessary forms for petitions and procedures for submission, consideration, and disposition of petitions.

(2) To enforce compliance with this chapter.

(3) To establish rules and procedures for the preparation and processing of examinations, applications, license certificates, certification cards, renewals, appeals, hearings, and rule making proceedings.

(4) To determine the qualifications of licensees, certified trainers, and security officers consistent with this chapter.

(5) To levy and collect fees in amounts determined necessary by the board for licensing, application processing, background checks, including fingerprints, inspections, investigations, and hearings.

(6) To employ or contract for necessary personnel, including a director, pursuant to the state Merit System, provided such persons are employed by the board on a full-time basis exceeding 32 hours per calendar week, and provide for necessary offices, supplies, and equipment to fulfill the requirements of this chapter.

(7) To delegate its power and duties by resolution to a named designee.

(8) To enter into contracts and expend funds of the board to fulfill the requirements of this chapter.

(9) To borrow money.

(10) To work with the Attorney General and other law enforcement agencies to prohibit and punish any violation of this chapter.

(11) To establish volunteer procedures for those persons or businesses that are exempt from this chapter.

(12) To engage in dialogue and to enter into reciprocal licensing agreements with governmental entities in other states that supervise and regulate the provision of private contract security services in order to ensure that security officers and armed security officers licensed by the State of Alabama have full reciprocity to operate in other states.

(13) Upon the declaration of the Governor of a state of emergency, to authorize the operation of out-of-state contract security companies and staff within the state for the duration of the state of emergency, and up to a maximum of 30 days after the expiration of the state of emergency. To be eligible to operate within the state pursuant to this subdivision, the out-of-state contract security company shall satisfy all of the following requirements:

a. Be licensed in another state in which the qualifications, insurance, training, and other requirements for licensure are substantially similar to those required by this chapter, as determined by the board.

b. Provide notice to the board of an intention to operate in the state and submit to the board any information requested by the board.

(14) To inspect the business premises of any licensee during normal business hours.

The inspection of a licensed contract security company shall be limited to an inspection of training records. The inspection of an unlicensed contract security company shall be limited to licensure compliance.

(b) All powers granted in this chapter and any other powers granted to the board are public and governmental functions, exercised for a public purpose, and matters of public necessity.

(Act 2009-640, p. 1960, §3; Act 2013-349, p. 1248, §1.)

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