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Section 33-16-7 Duties And Obligations Which May Be Undertaken.

Section 33-16-7

Duties and obligations which may be undertaken.

The authority may undertake and discharge the duties and obligations set forth in this section as follows:

In connection with the waterway, the authority may do or cause to be done the following:

(1) Construct, improve, maintain and operate all highway and railroad bridges necessitated by the waterway and construct and maintain all highway relocations and alterations necessitated by the waterway;

(2) Construct, improve, maintain and operate all river and canal terminals necessitated by the waterway;

(3) Construct and maintain all alterations in sewer, water supply and drainage facilities necessitated by the waterway;

(4) Assume any increased cost necessitated by the waterway in connection with maintaining and operating utility crossings.

It is the intention of the Legislature to make the scope of the foregoing duties and obligations which may be undertaken by the authority commensurate with the corresponding requirements of local contribution and participation established by the River and Harbor Act of March 2, 1945, Public Law 14, 79th Congress, 1st Session (1945) and by other provisions of federal law (including duly adopted rules and regulations of agencies of the United States) which pertain to the respective responsibilities of the authority and the United States with respect to the development of the waterway. In particular, in connection with the construction, improvement or relocation of any highway or railroad bridge, the authority may pay such portion of the total cost of such construction, improvement or relocation as may be apportioned, without regard to the cost of improvements unrelated to navigation, to the owner of such bridge pursuant to the provisions of the Truman-Hobbs Act of June 21, 1940, Public Law 647, 76th Congress (1940), as amended, regardless of whether such bridge is owned by the authority or by a party other than the authority; provided, however, that, if such bridge is owned by the authority, the state, any municipality in the state or any other political subdivision or instrumentality of the state, the authority may pay all of the costs of such construction, improvement or relocation, except for such portion thereof as may be apportioned to the United States pursuant to the provisions of the aforesaid Truman-Hobbs Act of June 21, 1940, as amended.

(Acts 1969, No. 186, p. 491, §7; Acts 1984, No. 84-379, p. 885, §1.)

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