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Section 22-21-173 Incorporation - Certificate Of Incorporation - Contents; Acknowledgment; Filing.

Section 22-21-173

Incorporation - Certificate of incorporation - Contents; acknowledgment; filing.

The certificate of incorporation of any public corporation incorporated under this article shall state:

(1) The name of the corporation, which shall be Hospital Authority of _____ (or space to be filled in with the names of the county and of the municipality or municipalities which are to be members thereof, or with the name of any hospital proposed to be acquired by the corporation or with such other descriptive name as in the judgment of the members of the corporation is appropriate);

(2) The names of the county and the municipality or municipalities which are to be members of the corporation;

(3) The dates of adoption by the governing bodies of the county and such municipality or municipalities of their respective resolutions authorizing the incorporation of the corporation;

(4) The location of the principal office of the corporation and its post office address;

(5) The period for the duration of the corporation; if the duration is to be perpetual, that fact shall be stated; and

(6) The objects for which the corporation is organized, including, if appropriate, the name of any existing hospital the ownership or operation of which is proposed to be acquired and assumed by the corporation.

The certificate of incorporation may also include any provision or provisions for the regulation and conduct of the affairs of the corporation which are not inconsistent with this article and the laws of the State of Alabama. The certificate of incorporation shall be acknowledged before an officer authorized by the laws of this state to take acknowledgments to deeds. The certificate of incorporation shall be filed in the office of the judge of probate of the county which is to be a member of the corporation, and said judge of probate shall forthwith file such certificate and record the same; and thereupon the corporation described in said certificate of incorporation shall constitute a public corporation under the name stated in the certificate of incorporation. As soon thereafter as convenient, the judge of probate shall transmit a copy of the certificate of incorporation to the Secretary of State.

(Acts 1975, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 183, p. 442, §4.)

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