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Section 14-10-1 Furnishing Of Clothing And Transportation To State Inmate Requiring Same At Expiration Of Term; Rules And Regulations; Documentation For Identification; Waiver.

Section 14-10-1

Furnishing of clothing and transportation to state inmate requiring same at expiration of term; rules and regulations; documentation for identification; waiver.

The Department of Corrections shall adopt reasonable regulations and criteria to determine those state inmates that require clothing and transportation upon the expiration of their term of custody, and before the expiration of their term of custody for each state inmate shall make a reasonable determination of whether or not the state inmate has ready and immediate access to clothing and transportation, that meet the requirements of this section. Each state inmate, who is determined to require clothing and transportation shall, at the expiration of his term of custody, be discharged from the custody and shall be furnished with clothes and with the least expensive mode of public transportation to the point where the inmate is to report for parole and probation supervision, or to the point of sentencing, to be paid from the Department of Corrections general operating funds. Clothing shall be of decent and reasonable quality for employment. The Department of Corrections shall provide minimum documentation for identification, including a social security card, necessary to obtain employment. Any inmate entitled to clothing and transportation may waive same, in which case the Department of Corrections shall not be required to make any payment in lieu of clothing and transportation. Each state inmate shall receive this clothing and transportation allowance only once per offense and multiple offenses being served consecutively or concurrently shall for this purpose be considered one offense; but the Department of Corrections may at its discretion furnish transportation as noted above upon any discharge. If such inmate is charged with the commission of any other criminal offense, he must be delivered to the proper sheriff or officer to answer such charge.

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