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Section 11-3-45 Board; Powers And Duties; Membership; Terms; Election Of Officers; Compensation.

Section 11-3-45

Board; powers and duties; membership; terms; election of officers; compensation.

(a) The institute shall be under the direction and supervision of the Board of the Alabama Local Government Training Institute. The board shall have the power and duty to organize, administer, control, oversee, and advise the institute so that the institute shall be operated pursuant to this article.

(b) The board shall be composed of the following members:

(1) One representative of a four-year institution of higher education in Alabama appointed by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.

(2) The President of the Association of County Commissions of Alabama.

(3) The Executive Director of the Association of County Commissions of Alabama.

(4) Three members who shall serve at the pleasure of and be appointed by the Board of Directors of the Association of County Commissions of Alabama.

(5) The Chair of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

(6) The Chair of the Local Government Committee of the House of Representatives.

(7) One member appointed by the Governor.

(8) One member appointed by the Lieutenant Governor.

(9) One member appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

(c) Members of the board appointed by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Speaker of the House of Representatives shall be county commissioners who shall serve for four-year terms.

(d) The appointing authorities shall coordinate their appointments to assure the board membership is inclusive and reflects the racial, gender, geographic, urban, rural, and economic diversity of the state.

(e) The board shall annually elect a chair and other officers deemed expedient. The officers shall serve at the pleasure of the board and shall have the duties and powers determined by the board.

(f) The board may accept appropriations, grants, gifts, donations, or contributions from the federal government and the state government; a county, municipal, or local government; a board, bureau, commission, agency, or establishment of any such government; another organization, firm, or corporation, public or private; and an individual or groups of individuals in furtherance of the services, purposes, duties, responsibilities, or functions vested in the board and college.

(g) The board shall make contracts, leases, or agreements necessary and convenient to carry out the duties and purposes for which the board is created. The board shall enter into contracts, leases, or agreements with a person, firm, or corporation, public or private, upon terms and for purposes deemed advisable.

(h) The board shall provide advanced or continuing training and education to county commissioners through the institute in addition to that required by Section 11-3-43. Public funds may be expended for the advanced or continuing training and education in the same manner as the required training and education, but a county commissioner's enrollment in, attendance at, or completion of an advanced course of study shall be voluntary and shall not be required.

(i) The board shall provide for the grant of awards, degrees, diplomas, or other forms of recognition for successful completion of its programs as it deems proper. The board may also award certification to county employees and programs meeting the criteria established by the board or by state agencies.

(j) The board shall receive no additional compensation for their service pursuant to this article.

(k) Five members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business.

(Acts 1994, No. 94-598, p. 1109, §6; Act 2017-440, §1.)

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Kay Ivey
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