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61-2f-401 Grounds For Disciplinary Action.

The following acts are unlawful for a person licensed or required to be licensed under this chapter:


(a) making a substantial misrepresentation, including in a licensure statement;

(b) making an intentional misrepresentation;

(c) pursuing a continued and flagrant course of misrepresentation;

(d) making a false representation or promise through an agent, sales agent, advertising, or otherwise; or

(e) making a false representation or promise of a character likely to influence, persuade, or induce;

(2) acting for more than one party in a transaction without the informed consent of the parties;


(a) acting as an associate broker or sales agent while not affiliated with a principal broker;

(b) representing or attempting to represent a principal broker other than the principal broker with whom the person is affiliated; or

(c) representing as sales agent or having a contractual relationship similar to that of sales agent with a person other than a principal broker;


(a) failing, within a reasonable time, to account for or to remit money that belongs to another and comes into the person's possession;

(b) commingling money described in Subsection (4)(a) with the person's own money; or

(c) diverting money described in Subsection (4)(a) from the purpose for which the money is received;

(5) paying or offering to pay valuable consideration, as defined by the commission, to a person not licensed under this chapter, except that valuable consideration may be shared:

(a) with a principal broker of another jurisdiction; or

(b) as provided under:

(i) Title 16, Chapter 10a, Utah Revised Business Corporation Act;

(ii) Title 16, Chapter 11, Professional Corporation Act; or

(iii) Title 48, Chapter 3a, Utah Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, as appropriate pursuant to Section 48-3a-1405;

(6) for a principal broker, paying or offering to pay a sales agent or associate broker who is not affiliated with the principal broker at the time the sales agent or associate broker earned the compensation;

(7) being incompetent to act as a principal broker, associate broker, or sales agent in such manner as to safeguard the interests of the public;

(8) failing to voluntarily furnish a copy of a document to the parties before and after the execution of a document;

(9) failing to keep and make available for inspection by the division a record of each transaction, including:

(a) the names of buyers and sellers or lessees and lessors;

(b) the identification of real estate;

(c) the sale or rental price;

(d) money received in trust;

(e) agreements or instructions from buyers and sellers or lessees and lessors; and

(f) any other information required by rule;

(10) failing to disclose, in writing, in the purchase, sale, or rental of real estate, whether the purchase, sale, or rental is made for that person or for an undisclosed principal;

(11) being convicted, within five years of the most recent application for licensure, of a criminal offense involving moral turpitude regardless of whether:

(a) the criminal offense is related to real estate; or

(b) the conviction is based upon a plea of nolo contendere;

(12) having, within five years of the most recent application for a license under this chapter, entered any of the following related to a criminal offense involving moral turpitude:

(a) a plea in abeyance agreement;

(b) a diversion agreement;

(c) a withheld judgment; or

(d) an agreement in which a charge was held in suspense during a period of time when the licensee was on probation or was obligated to comply with conditions outlined by a court;

(13) advertising the availability of real estate or the services of a licensee in a false, misleading, or deceptive manner;

(14) in the case of a principal broker or a branch broker, failing to exercise reasonable supervision over the activities of the principal broker's or branch broker's licensed or unlicensed staff;

(15) violating or disregarding:

(a) this chapter;

(b) an order of the commission; or

(c) the rules adopted by the commission and the division;

(16) breaching a fiduciary duty owed by a licensee to the licensee's principal in a real estate transaction;

(17) any other conduct which constitutes dishonest dealing;

(18) unprofessional conduct as defined by statute or rule;

(19) having one of the following suspended, revoked, surrendered, or cancelled on the basis of misconduct in a professional capacity that relates to character, honesty, integrity, or truthfulness:

(a) a real estate license, registration, or certificate issued by another jurisdiction; or

(b) another license, registration, or certificate to engage in an occupation or profession issued by this state or another jurisdiction;

(20) failing to respond to a request by the division in an investigation authorized under this chapter, including:

(a) failing to respond to a subpoena;

(b) withholding evidence; or

(c) failing to produce documents or records;

(21) in the case of a dual licensed title licensee as defined in Section 31A-2-402:

(a) providing a title insurance product or service without the approval required by Section 31A-2-405; or

(b) knowingly providing false or misleading information in the statement required by Subsection 31A-2-405(2);

(22) violating an independent contractor agreement between a principal broker and a sales agent or associate broker as evidenced by a final judgment of a court;


(a) engaging in an act of loan modification assistance that requires licensure as a mortgage officer under Chapter 2c, Utah Residential Mortgage Practices and Licensing Act, without being licensed under that chapter;

(b) engaging in an act of foreclosure rescue without entering into a written agreement specifying what one or more acts of foreclosure rescue will be completed;

(c) inducing a person who is at risk of foreclosure to hire the licensee to engage in an act of foreclosure rescue by:

(i) suggesting to the person that the licensee has a special relationship with the person's lender or loan servicer; or

(ii) falsely representing or advertising that the licensee is acting on behalf of:

(A) a government agency;

(B) the person's lender or loan servicer; or

(C) a nonprofit or charitable institution; or

(d) recommending or participating in a foreclosure rescue that requires a person to:

(i) transfer title to real estate to the licensee or to a third-party with whom the licensee has a business relationship or financial interest;

(ii) make a mortgage payment to a person other than the person's loan servicer; or

(iii) refrain from contacting the person's:

(A) lender;

(B) loan servicer;

(C) attorney;

(D) credit counselor; or

(E) housing counselor;

(24) as a principal broker, placing a lien on real property, unless authorized by law; or

(25) as a sales agent or associate broker, placing a lien on real property for an unpaid commission or other compensation related to real estate brokerage services.

Amended by Chapter 182, 2017 General Session 2017

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Gary Herbert
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