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63-10-503.  Part Definitions.  [Effective Until January 1, 2018. See The Version Effective On January 1, 2018.]

As used in this part, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) "Charitable clinic" means a charitable nonprofit corporation or a facility organized as a not-for-profit corporation under title 48 that:

(A) Holds a valid exemption from federal income taxation issued pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. ง 501(a));

(B) Is listed as an exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. ง 501(c)(3));

(C) Provides advice, counseling, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, care or services relating to the preservation or maintenance of health on an outpatient basis for a period of less than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours to persons not residing or confined at the facility;

(D) May charge an administrative fee or request a donation not to exceed ten dollars ($10.00) per visit; and

(E) Has an outpatient pharmacy licensed by the board of pharmacy;

(2) "Charitable clinic pharmacy" means a pharmacy practice site licensed by the board of pharmacy where prescriptions are dispensed free of charge by a pharmacist licensed by the board of pharmacy to indigent patients who have been appropriately screened and qualified by the charitable clinic;

(3) "Controlled substances" means substances defined by ง 63-10-204;

(4) "Donor patient" means a patient, or the patient's representative in the event the patient is deceased or is not competent, who is the owner of the prescription drug and entitled to donate the drug for use by a charitable clinic pharmacy through an institutional facility;

(5) "Indigent" means a person with an income that is below two hundred percent (200%) of the federal poverty level;

(6) "Institutional facility" means a hospital, nursing home, home care organization, residential HIV supportive living facility or residential hospice facility as defined by ง 68-11-201;

(7) (A) "Prescription drug" means a drug defined by ง 63-10-204;

(B) "Prescription drug," for purposes of this part, does not include controlled substances; and

(8) "Properly transferred" means the storage, handling and distribution of the drug under this part is:

(A) In accordance with the label; and

(B) A dispensed, sealed, tamper-evident single user unit.

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Bill Haslam
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