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§ 764.21 - Requirement For A Valid Non-Consensual Tow.

In order to have a valid non-consensual towing of a motor vehicle from private property the following requirements must be met:


The Tow Truck Operator must first obtain the written consent of the private property owner or the owner's agent for each vehicle to be towed. The written consent should have the date and time of the request for the tow. The written consent from the private property owner or owner's agent must include a written signature that is manually affixed to a hardcopy document that provides a description of each vehicle to be tow. The description, at minimum, shall include: the make, the color and plate number of each vehicle to be towed.


The lot from which any vehicles are non-consensually towed must be in compliance with all applicable signage requirements as set forth in the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, 75 Pa. C.S. § 101, et seq. and with all applicable City of Pittsburgh Code provisions.


If the owner/operator of the vehicle to be towed is present or arrives at the scene prior to the vehicle being connected to or loaded onto a tow truck and the owner/operator offers to immediately remove the vehicle in question from the private property, the Tow Truck Operator may not proceed to remove such vehicle. If the Tow truck Operator proceeds to remove the vehicle, the Non-consensual Tow will be deemed to have been a non-valid, Non-consensual Tow.


The Tow Operator removing a motor vehicle at the request of a private lot owner or a private lot owner's agent shall report by electronic notification to the City of Pittsburgh Police Bureau, the fact that the vehicle was removed and its present storage place, together with a description of the vehicle, the vehicle identification number and the tag number. The report shall be made by the Tow Business through electronic notification via an Internet-based centralized and multi-jurisdictional electronic repository. The electronic report must be made within one (1) hour of the deposit of the vehicle at its storage point. Transmission by facsimile or telecopier does not constitute electronic notification to the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

(Ord. No. 8-2010, § 1, eff. 4-30-10)

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