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904.05. - Hc, Highway Commercial District.

904.05.A   Purpose

The HC, Highway Commercial District is intended to:

1.  Accommodate auto-oriented commercial activities and uses for which automobile travel is generally required, such as automobile dealerships, fast-food restaurants and appliance stores;

2.  Improve the design quality of auto-oriented development, making such areas more attractive components of the city;

3.  Provide space for large-scale regional retail stores that require large lots, broadly defined market areas and high sales volumes, and that tend to be incompatible with locations adjoining smaller neighborhoods;

4.  Provide space for commercial uses that would create conflicts with residential uses or other less intensive types of land uses; and

5.  Maintain the efficiency of the City's existing and planned traffic network.

904.05.B   Use Regulations

904.05.B.1   Primary Uses

Primary uses shall be allowed in the HC District in accordance with the Use Table of

Sec. 911.02


904.05.B.2   Accessory Uses

Accessory uses shall be permitted in the HC District in accordance with the Accessory Use regulations of Chapter 912. In addition, accessory uses in the HC District shall not exceed twenty-five (25) percent of the gross floor area of the primary use.

904.05.C   Site Development Standards

Sites in the HC District shall be developed in accordance with the following site development standards, provided that:

1.  The Residential Compatibility Standards of Chapter 916 shall impose additional height and setback standards on new High-Density and Very High-Density Residential and nonresidential development located near Residential and H Districts;

2.  The Environmental Performance Standards of Chapter 915 shall impose additional restrictions on development; and

3.  New development shall be allowed to use Contextual Setbacks and Contextual Building Heights in accordance with the provisions of

Sec. 925.06


Sec. 925.07


Article VI and Chapter 925 contains a complete description of site development standards and listing of exemptions to various standards.

Site Development Standard

HC District

Minimum Lot Size


Maximum Floor Area Ratio

when not located within 1,500 ft. of a Major transit facility

when located within 1,500 ft. of a Major Transit Facility



Maximum Lot Coverage

Minimum Front Setback

none required

Minimum Rear Setback

when not adjacent to a way

when adjacent to a way

20 ft.

none required

Minimum Exterior Sideyard Setback

none required

Minimum Interior Sideyard Setback

none required

Maximum Height

75 feet (not to exceed 5 stories)

904.05.D   Site Plan Review

904.05.D.1   General

Any new construction, building addition or enlargement or exterior renovation of an existing structure on a lot that has an area of eight thousand (8,000) square feet or more shall require Site Plan Review and approval in accordance with the Site Plan Review procedures of

Section 922.04


904.05.D.2   Standards

Any project requiring Site Plan Review in the HC district shall be subject to the Site Plan Review Criteria of

Section 922.04.E

(Ord. 45-2003, § 6, eff. 12-31-03)

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