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§ 9-3902. Rental Licenses.

(1) Required.

(a) The owner of any dwelling unit, multiple family dwelling, rooming house, dormitory, hotel, one-family dwelling, two-family dwelling, or rooming unit let for occupancy must obtain a rental license. No person shall collect rent with respect to any property that is required to be licensed pursuant to this Section unless a valid rental license has been issued for the property. For purposes of this subsection, the operator of limited lodging, not the booking agent (both terms as used in § 14-604(13)), shall be treated as the person collecting rent, whether or not the booking agent collects rent on behalf of the operator.

(b) Exceptions.

(i) If a building contains multiple dwelling units, a single rental license may be obtained for the entire building, provided that such license shall specify each unit in such building governed by such license.

(ii) A rental license is not required for any dwelling unit that is occupied by the owner or a member of the owner's family, provided that the Department may require the owner to submit an Affidavit of Non-Rental.

(iii) The holder of a housing inspection license under former Section PM-102.1 for 2015, or the owner of any dwelling or dwelling unit subject to the requirements of this Section that is part of a building governed by a housing inspection license applicable to such building in its entirety in 2015, need not obtain a rental license in order to let the property or any portion of such property for occupancy in 2015.

(iv) A rental license shall not be required for limited lodging activity, as defined at § 14-604(13), so long as the activity is compliant with the Zoning Code and the primary resident is the owner of the dwelling unit.

(2) Suspension. In addition to the provisions for license suspension and revocation set forth in Subcode A of Title 4, a rental license may also be suspended for any violations of § 6-803 ("Lead Disclosure Obligation"), subsection (3) ("Rental Protections").

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