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§ 14-406. Sp-Sta, Sports Stadium (Special Purpose) District.

The purpose of the SP-STA, Sports Stadium (Special Purpose) district is to accommodate large scale specialized sporting facilities, associated large capacity automobile parking areas, and related uses and facilities, while promoting high quality design of those facilities and mitigating any related adverse impacts on surrounding areas of the City.

(a) Principal uses are allowed in SP-STA districts in accordance with Table 14-602-4.

(b) The following accessory uses are permitted in SP-STA districts, except that regulated uses, as set forth in § 14-603(13) (Regulated Uses), shall be prohibited:

(.1) Grandstands, clubhouses, fieldhouses, stables;

(.2) Accessory parking;

(.3) Training areas;

(.4) Day care;

(.5) Offices;

(.6) Retail sales of consumer goods; sundries, pharmaceuticals, and convenience sales; and wearing apparel and accessories;

(.7) Sit-down restaurants and prepared food shops;

(.8) Financial services;

(.9) Personal services; and

(.10) Visitor accommodations.

(c) Multiple principal uses and principal structures are allowed on a single lot in the SP-STA district.

All buildings, structures, and parking facilities within the district must comply with the following setback requirements:

(a) No building may be erected within 300 ft. of any residential district;

(b) No building may be erected within 200 ft. of any lot line fronting on a street that is opposite to a residential district, provided that this will apply only to the opposite sides of the same block;

(c) Security buildings or ticket booths of no more than 14 ft. in height and 150 ft. in area may be erected with a minimum setback of 25 ft. from the lot line; and

(d) Surface parking areas must be at least 150 ft. from any residential district.

No building on the lot, except as provided below, may exceed 38 ft. in height. This height restriction shall not apply to the following:

(a) Grandstands, stadia, commercial recreation buildings, judges stands;

(b) Chimneys, stacks, tanks, tank towers, flagpoles, aerials, beacons, lighting poles, camera towers;

(c) Parking garages or facilities; or

(d) Hotels, motels, or office buildings, which may be up to a maximum of 150 ft. in height.

Off-street parking spaces must be provided in accordance with the following schedule and requirements within the SP-STA district, on any lot abutting the district, or on a lot on the opposite side of any street bounding the district:

(a) Stadia or buildings used for commercial recreation and exhibition facilities where patrons or guests are customarily seated as spectators: one space for every 10 seats;

(b) Commercial recreation and exhibition facilities where patrons or guests are not customarily seated as spectators or participants: one space for every 200 sq. ft. of floor space or ground area used for commercial recreation, exhibition, and related accessory and support facilities, but not including parking facilities;

(c) Office, retail sales, or commercial services uses: one space for every 1,000 sq. ft. of net leasable area; and

(d) Housing accommodations exclusively for employees and hotels or motels: one space for every two living units.

The district or any lot in the district must be adequately served by high capacity roads or driveways approved by the Streets Department as being adequate to safely serve the ingress and egress of patrons and guests using the facility, further provided:

(a) All entrances to parking areas or facilities must be provided with adequate vehicle reservoir spaces, as approved by the Streets Department;

(b) All proposed plans for off-street parking lots must be approved by the Streets Department; and

(c) The Streets Department will have 45 days to approve or disapprove all plans and take all actions required by this section. This time will begin at the time complete plans are submitted to the Streets Department. After 45 days the approval of the Streets Department will be presumed.

All stadium and grandstand lighting must be oriented to prevent glare on surrounding residential areas.

Where the district or a lot within the district abuts a residential district, a landscaped buffer must be provided along the entire length of the common lot line, the plan for which must be approved by the Commission.

(a) Accessory signs in the SP-STA district shall comply with this § 14-406(9) and applicable provisions of Chapter 14-900 (Signs).

(b) Accessory and public service signs are permitted as set forth in Table 14-406-1, below. For the purposes of this § 14-406(9) (Accessory Signs), "public service sign" shall mean a sign that exclusively gives public service information such as time, date, temperature, weather, or similar information.

Table 14-406-1: Permitted Accessory Signs

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Permitted Sign Types:




Maximum Number


One per building

Maximum Area

Two sq. ft./lin. ft. of building frontage. In the case of multiple lot frontages, this sign area shall be computed and based on only one lot frontage.

Per building: 250 sq. ft. per face, up to two faces per sign.

Per lot frontage: 1,200 sq. ft. per face, up to two faces per sign.

Maximum Height

35 ft.

35 ft.

Permitted Sign Characteristics

Static Illumination



Animated Illumination



Digital Display



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