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§ 9-23-15. Requirements For Participation In Drug Courts

(1) In order to be eligible for alternative sentencing through a local drug court, the participant must satisfy each of the following criteria:

(a) The participant cannot have any felony convictions for any offenses that are crimes of violence as defined in Section 97-3-2 within the previous ten (10) years.

(b) The crime before the court cannot be a crime of violence as defined in Section 97-3-2.

(c) Other criminal proceedings alleging commission of a crime of violence cannot be pending against the participant.

(d) The participant cannot be currently charged with burglary of a dwelling under Section 97-17-23(2) or 97-17-37.

(e) The crime before the court cannot be a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drug or drugs that resulted in the death of a person.

(f) The crime charged cannot be one of trafficking in controlled substances under Section 41-29-139(f), nor can the participant have a prior conviction for same.

(2) Participation in the services of an alcohol and drug intervention component shall be open only to the individuals over whom the court has jurisdiction, except that the court may agree to provide the services for individuals referred from another drug court. In cases transferred from another jurisdiction, the receiving judge shall act as a special master and make recommendations to the sentencing judge.

(3) (a) As a condition of participation in a drug court, a participant may be required to undergo a chemical test or a series of chemical tests as specified by the drug court. A participant is liable for the costs of all chemical tests required under this section, regardless of whether the costs are paid to the drug court or the laboratory; however, if testing is available from other sources or the program itself, the judge may waive any fees for testing.

(b) A laboratory that performs a chemical test under this section shall report the results of the test to the drug court.

(4) A person does not have a right to participate in drug court under this chapter. The court having jurisdiction over a person for a matter before the court shall have the final determination about whether the person may participate in drug court under this chapter. SOURCES: Laws, 2003, ch. 515, § 8; Laws, 2011, ch. 366, § 1; Laws, 2014, ch. 457, § 6, eff from and after July 1, 2014.

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