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Wed Sep 18 2019 13:04
... (6) A transfer between husband and wife, between persons who were previously husband and wife who have since been divorced, provided the property or interest therein subject to such transfer was acquired by the husband and wife or husband or wife prior to the granting of the final decree in divorce, between parent and child or the spouse of such child, between stepparent and stepchild or the spouse of a stepchild, between brother or sister or spouse of a brother or sister, between a grandparent and grandchild or the spouse of such grandchild and between any life partners, except that a subsequent transfer by the grantee within one year shall be subject to tax as if the grantor were making such transfer. The parties to any such a transfer shall jointly sign the Philadelphia Real Estate Transfer Tax Certification Affidavit as issued by the Revenue Department. For purposes of this paragraph, the term "life partner" shall mean a member of a Life Partnership that is verified pursuant to § 9-1123. ...
- anonymousa43
Tue Sep 17 2019 15:59
... (7) Speeding in excess of fifteen miles per hour (15 m.p.h.) over the posted speed limit -- Class C misdemeanor; ...
- anonymous6c4
Mon Sep 16 2019 00:06
... An attested copy of an approved Alternative Access and Parking Plan shall be submitted to County Recorder's office for recordation on forms made available in the Office of the Zoning Administrator. Proof of recordation of the agreement shall be presented to the Zoning Administrator prior to issuance of a building permit. An approved Alternative Access and Parking Plan may be amended by the Zoning Board of Adjustment pursuant to ...
- anonymous354
Fri Sep 13 2019 10:28
... (b) Any person who is not a health care professional who is present at an emergency or accident scene and who: ...
- anonymous033
Fri Sep 13 2019 10:26
... (a) Any health care professional under the laws of the State of Arkansas who in good faith lends emergency care or assistance without compensation at the place of an emergency or accident shall not be liable for any civil damages for acts or omissions performed in good faith so long as any act or omission resulting from the rendering of emergency assistance or services was not grossly negligent or willful misconduct. ...
- anonymous033
Thu Sep 12 2019 17:51
... (a) No one shall sell or offer for sale water pistols, electric canes, miniature cannon, or similar articles. ...
- anonymous1e9
Thu Sep 12 2019 16:10
... (3) Towing Company Licenses. ...
- anonymous965
Thu Sep 12 2019 14:49
... (b) The summons shall be in the form provided in § 34-18-56(h) and shall specify that the tenant has twenty (20) days from the date of service in which to file his or her answer to the complaint, and that if he or she fails to file his or her answer within that time, he or she will be defaulted. The matter may be assigned for hearing in accordance with the rules of procedure of the appropriate court. ...
- anonymous77d
Wed Sep 11 2019 14:34
... (1) Shared physical custody. "Shared physical custody" has the meaning stated in Code, Family Law Article, § 12-201 (i). ...
- anonymous3a7