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Wed Jul 17 2019 13:30
... (i) The area bounded by Arch street, Fifteenth street, Broad street, and John F. Kennedy boulevard (the Municipal Services Building plaza and sidewalks). ...
- anonymous7a4
Wed Jul 17 2019 13:30
... (1) No person shall use a skateboard on public property unless use of a skateboard on such property is authorized by regulation, ordinance or statute, or is otherwise authorized by the governmental agency, department or commission responsible for such property. ...
- anonymous7a4
Mon Jul 15 2019 14:29
... (i) within three years after the day on which the applicant graduates from a program described in Subsection 58-67-302(1)(d)(i); and ...
- anonymous60d
Thu Jul 11 2019 21:02
... (3) A parking ticket may be served upon the owner of the vehicle by affixing the ticket to the vehicle in a conspicuous place. A parking ticket may be served personally upon the operator of a vehicle who is present at the time of service. The plate number and type as shown by the registration plates of the vehicle and the make or model of the vehicle shall be recorded on the ticket. If the license plate is not visible or legible or has been improperly affixed to the vehicle, other appropriate identification may be used, such as the vehicle identification number. The parking ticket shall also contain other sufficient information to identify the vehicle and to inform the person of the nature, date, time and location of the violation alleged. A parking ticket served by affixation as provided in this subsection shall be subject to the same fines, costs and additional fees and shall have the same force and effect as if the parking ticket were personally served on the owner and operator of the vehicle. ...
- anonymousfd4
Tue Jul 09 2019 15:45
... (c) A license under this Section shall be renewed every year upon payment of a fee of one hundred dollars ($100). ...
- anonymous462
Sun Jul 07 2019 17:27
... (d) An offense under Subsection (a)(4) is a Class B misdemeanor. ...
- anonymous3f1
Sun Jul 07 2019 00:51
... (2) Prohibited Conduct. No person shall use or possess any cutting weapon upon the public streets or upon any public property at any time. ...
- anonymous863
Wed Jun 26 2019 12:23
... (c) flagger at a highway construction or maintenance site using devices and procedures conforming to the standards adopted under Section 41-6a-301; or ...
- anonymousab2
Tue Jun 25 2019 16:09
... For the purpose of subsection (b)(1) hereof, "physical limitation" means any illness, injury, incapacity or other physical handicap which prevents the person from placing municipal waste at the curb; provided, however, that a physician certifies to the Department that such person is physically incapable of placing municipal waste at the curb. The certificate shall be renewed annually. ...
- anonymous491
Tue Jun 25 2019 16:09
... For single dwelling and small apartment building rental dwellings where owners, lessors or managers do not provide containers for the City's collection of municipal waste, both the occupants and the owners of the dwellings shall be responsible for compliance with this section and any regulations issued hereunder. ...
- anonymous491